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Servicing Schlage Primus / Primus XP Lock.

The Primus or Classic Primus, Primus XP is a UL 437 rated pin-tumbler lock made by Schlage. It uses six pin-tumblers and a sidebar that requires finger pins to be raised and rotated properly. The Primus is functionally identical to the ASSA Twin Combi lock, but it does not include as many anti-lockpicking and key control. Primus XP, Schlage’s high security sidebar cylinder mechanism, introduces an added level of security control. It delivers patented key control, geographical exclusivity, and pick resistance with the option of adding UL 437 drill resistance.

28/04/2012 · 1st key is a Schlage primus SX Code 1POO1 477 I also have letter of authority Next key is a caravan key New lock the jma ref is cha2 I think but key goes in but wont turn may be a newer edition ? trying to get original blanks aparantly now the holiday. Key Cutting - Sponsored by Charles. Could anyone help on these keys please. 02/05/2011 · 6 Pin Schlage Primus from Ed over atkeyed up.

Key Cutting Service > High Security Keys > Schlage Primus S & SX Master Key Cut; Schlage Primus S & SX Master Key Cut 2 Product Reviews. FREE DELIVERY ON ALL ORDERS OVER £60 £ £42.00 INC VAT. Show price ex. VAT. Strong key protectionby Schlage to control Primus key blank distribution for positive, enforceable protection against unauthorized key duplication Five or six standard key cutsfor easy dealer service with standard pin kits and key machines. Primus keys can operate conventional cylinders.

Copy primus key. Hey everyone, I'm not sure if this is the right place but I need some advice. so you don't need a special machine to cut them but Primus is restricted so the only way to get blanks is directly from Schlage. Schlage will only sell to locksmiths. 28/08/2008 · I need to have a key copied - but it is a Primus, "Do Not Duplicate." I have been to Warman's in San Bruno, and San Mateo Lockworks in San Mateo, and they couldn't/wouldn't do it. The Warman guy this morning said it might be hard to find a place. 03/08/2013 · "In the past if you wanted a Primus key, you had to go through Schlage. Now you just need the information contained in the key, and somewhere to 3D-print it," says 21-year old Van Albert. "You can take a high security 'non-duplicatable' key and basically take it to a virtual hardware store to get it copied," adds 20-year-old Lawrence. Both versions use the same dual-locking mechanism and unique Primus key. For flexibility, Primus cylinders may be combined with conventional Schlage pin tumbler cylinders in one Single Key system. For added security in key control, the Primus key is engineered to ensure a selected standard key will not enter the Primus cylinder. 18 Tips for cutting Everest and Everest 29 keys 19 Everest key blanks 19 Operating keys. new Schlage Commercial products and Schlage master key systems. Restricted keyways For end-users who want restricted keys with patent. Primus key sections. Use appropriate cam for cylinder housing size.

11/09/2009 · Does anybody know the legal position on duplicating Schlage primus s keys,I have found the keyblank on davenports website hook h0402but is there any patent or restrictions still in place. Jump to content. Key Cutting - Sponsored by Charles Birch; Existing user? Primus XP is a new patented Primus key system that proves to be an effective solution against unauthorized key duplication, key "bumping", and other types of cylinder manipulation. With its inventive design that includes a patent protection until 2024, the new Schlage Primus XP delivers the longest key management protection currently available on the market.

04/08/2015 · This App Lets Anyone 3-D Print 'Do-Not-Duplicate' Keys. With little more than the restricted key and a photo of the front of the lock,. In 2013, a pair of MIT students released a piece of software that could copy restricted Primus keys from the lockmaker Schlage. 15/10/2010 · Any key machine will cut a Schlage Primus, it is a matter of finding the blanks. The side cuts are already cut into the blank when they ship, so they can be backwards compatible in regular Schlage C keyway cylinders. They are restricted, and only certain locksmiths can buy certain versions of Primus.

07/06/2009 · As was stated earlier there are hundreds of key blanks that say DO NOT DUPLICATE. Very Few are actually current restricted keyways. Most companies still in operation today have some form of factory restricted key program, like Schlage Primus or Everest and some specialize in restricted keys like MEDECO HIGH SECURITY. with customers and reinforce their choice in Schlage—the one most trusted by consumers. Additionally, you’ll find expanded product views that outline the components of each product, as well as helpful hints and quick tips to further your knowledge of Schlage products. All of this is designed to support your role as a key resource, both.

28/07/2009 · Keypicking:: Anything And Everything For Locksmiths, Hobbyist Lock Pickers, Locksport, Lock Picking, lockpicks, cutaways and Security. Simply The Best Lockpicking Forum Around! It is the most accurate and precise key machine we have found for cutting our high security Assa key blanks. Add to that the fact the machine rarely needs adjustment – a great key machine in every way!” We’ve already tested the machine on locks such as Medeco, Assa, Schlage Primus. Everest or Everest 29 cylinders, Schlage recommends using a setup key to reinstall the loaded plug. A setup key can be made by cutting a key blank to a 9 depth in all positions. When the steeples between the cuts are removed, the setup key can hold the check pin in place when removing the plug of a shimmed cylinder. 9 Depth Key for Setup Key 1.

Primus XP is Schlage’s high security sidebar cylinder mechanism that brings an added level of security and control to any format of Schlage cylinder. Aside from thwarting unauthorized key duplication, the Primus features also makes the cylinder pick-resistant. No need to wait in line in a locksmith shop: get your keys online. Simply fill in our form, and we’ll reply quickly with a price and a lead time. Downloading master key systems from MasterKing®, insuring error-free key cutting. The ability to interrupt that master key job to cut another code key, and easily return to the master key system. Schlage Primus ® Flat Steel Safe. 2 • Schlage • Key systems,. hospitals, hotels, condominiums and a host of other commercial buildings. Today, Schlage is at the forefront of cutting-edge technology including wireless security, access control systems including readers, credentials and biometrics. Primus key. 10/05/2013 · I wish I could tell you. I sent away for one of these and never received it, got a refund thankfully. I am a little concerned about using them for brass keys as I think the key cutter may be a little overworked cutting those.

Schlage has created a unique pinning kit and staking tool that is needed to service SL cylinders. The side bitting is cut into the key blanks at the factory and the keys are able to be combinated using standard key cutting equipment. Everest compatibility Everest 29 SFIC Cylinder Everest 29 SL Key Conventional Everest 29 SL Cylinder Everest 29 SL. Factory Cutting Recommended Primus Obverse Keyways All-Section Key Multi-Section Keys. Schlage has reinvented high security key systems. In settings like schools, hospitals and universities, key systems are the foundation of a comprehensive, multi-level security management.

The Schlage Primus key duplication adapter is designed specifically to securely hold Schlage Primus key blanks in position on your High Security Key Machine; like the W333L, W388AC, Q30, or Q36A. The adapter was designed to accuratly trace and cut the original security keyway. When using this adapter we suggest using a 1.5mm cutter and guide.Schlage does not recommend cutting the L or LP section key blanks in the field. Below are some details. Non Primus: In the classic family of keyways the "L" key section is the highest level key. When a 35-100 or 35-101 is specified with an "L" section then stainless steel blanks are supplied. There is no option for the standard material.Schlage Primus and Primus XP lock cylinders ‘six -pin tumbler specifications are identical to the Schlage Classic, from bottom, top and master pins to springs and key cutting. Schlage Primus and Classic six-pin tumbler bitting instructions include using the three lengths of top pins.

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